Tuesday, April 6

freelance whales

I first heard Freelance Whales on XPN out of Philly a few months back and since then I couldn't stop listening to them! They're a great poppy/electric/experimental band that's fun to bob along to when driving on  sunny day. Their debut album, Weathervanes is set to release next Tuesday, April 13th on Frenchkiss/Mom& Pop Records. The album as a whole is a great listen, very smooth but it felt a little short. 

I'm not the only one to realize the greatness of Freelance Whales, though, because there's already hype building around the band. With increasing airtime and just coming off a great performance at SXSW, I sure hope they get noticed in time to be squeezed somewhere in the Sasquatch lineup!

Here are my two favorite tracks off the album, Hannah and Starring:

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