Thursday, August 26

Wednesday, August 25

live from the basement

Great live studio performances From the Basement. Check out their website for infinitely better video quality.

Zee Avi - Monte

Jamie Lidell - The City

Free Blood - Quick and Painful

Tuesday, August 24

anything he can wear, part I

SHE can wear better...


zip me up, buttercup

Kate Cusack zipper jewelry. Enough said.

Monday, August 23

Sunday, August 22

vogue turkey

Love the throwback colors and prints...


skipping the middle "man"

I'm currently staring at a blanket that my grandmother made that looks exactly like this dress and all I can think about is how ingenious it is to make a dress out of blanket... who needs clothes anyways?


brett domino and the korg monotron

beware of sharp edges


kittens. inspired by kittens

Friday, August 20

2am, summer night

I've had a secret crush on kid cudi for a while now.. Throwing ratatat and MGMT into the mix didn't hurt either...

Here's the original video for all the OGs

Thursday, August 19

aesthetic apparatus

My newest print addition comes from one of my favorite graphic design studios, Aesthetic Apparatus. Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewski started making limited edition hand-printed concert posters back in 1998 as a side project from their real jobs in Madison, Wisconsin. Since then, they have moved to Minneapolis and set up shop without looking back. They have some pretty ridiculous art prints and band posters, some of which aren't for the faint of heart... This one is totally going in my nonexistent kitchen.

I think these ones are pretty cool. Too bad they're sold out :(

This is my all-time favorite though... So glad I picked one up before they sold out :)

Wednesday, August 18

coming full circle

3,821 miles, 12 states, 6 national parks and 2 speeding tickets later, back home and looking for a puppy.


Friday, August 6

the road is life

In a car, driving west. See you on the other side.


hostile colors

 I've always loved this song by Florence and the Machine but finally got a chance to watch the video... the low-budget commitment to color is fantastic in its details.

Thursday, August 5

bamf, part III


old mother nature's recipes

the simple bare necessities
old mother nature's recipes
that bring the bare necessities of life

Getting ready to drive cross country. Mission: discover why a bear can rest at ease.


Tuesday, August 3

constant movement, interrupted

Finally got back stateside last week. It feels good to stay in one place for a more than a few days... Pictures to come eventually.